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Sunday, June 13, 2010

To begin...

So as mentioned over at the side, this is where I will be posting all of my crafting mess and not clutter up the extremely interesting married life blog. My first task will be to transfer over all of the craft stuff from the other blog, so there wont be many brand new posts for a little bit. Another reason is because the crafts that I am working on currently are for my sisters' birthdays, even though one keeps saying she doesn't want "homemade crap" for her b-day. She just doesn't know how spectacular it is yet. The second purpose for the separate craft blog is so that I can share my ideas and hopefully give someone the inkling of an idea to make something fabulous, or fully convert them to the thrifty-ness of making something yourself. The unfortunate side effect of crafting is that I now refuse to pay full price for anything. Garage sales, thrift stores and the Dollar Tree are now my favorite places to shop, and every time I spot something cute I think "I bet I can make that."

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