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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Key Holder (04.20.10)

I have to say I thought of this one all on my own this time. We had a bunch of scrap chair-rail left over that I figured would work great for a key holder. I got out my burgundy craft paint and went to work.
Once the paint dried I screwed in some little hooks I once used to hang my jewelry. The project got a little delayed because even though I measured, one hook ended up way higher than all the rest. No worries though, a little wood filler, sanding, and some new paint made it all better. I bought some ribbon, letters, and scrapbook paper to make the rest. I hung it up for the housewarming party as is, and while in church the next day I kept thinking it was missing something. I'm a sinner, I know. Jordan had some twine from camping or something so I made some bows and winded some around the letters. And finally it was all done. Now that I'm thinking about it, I should probably try to make a necklace holder with the other chair-rail scraps and hooks...

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