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Monday, June 14, 2010

Thrift Store Dress Make-Over (01.30.10)

So the details of the previously mentioned "inspiration" are as follows: I am pretty much obsessed with the blog New Dress a Day that I mentioned in the blog Tid Bits. I always think to myself, "Wow she is so creative, I wish I could pull off something like that." Well as some of you know, Jordan and I are taking a much needed vacation to Cancun this summer and I need to get some new summery clothes to wear for the trip. So then the idea hit me... make a couple of summer dresses from finds at the local thrift stores! I figured I could handle a couple of clothing makeovers without freaking out. Jordan and I both had a random weekday off so we went to check out a new thrift store in town where I found this gem.

Surprisingly the dress only needed a few minor alterations to get it in a wearable condition. The overall size fit me just right, but to make it more appropriate for summer I needed to take a few inches off of them hem and decided to add some lace. Once I chopped off 3 inches from the bottom I decided to reuse the excess to make a belt to cover the hideous elastic/crookedly stitched waist. After a quick wash the dress was ready to wear! Now onto my next find!

Oh and my favorite part of the dress was the pockets! I love pockets!

Up-close detail of the belt

My very first hem. My mother will be proud...(I followed your directions to a "T," Mom)

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