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You may be wondering what fabulous person is behind this mess of a blog... Well it's me Robyn.

First off here is a little bit about blog...
"Something Pretty"... A song by Patrick Park that was featured on The OC, that my roommate and I listened to over and over during the summer of '06. I decided to create this blog separate from our family blog to talk about all my crafting madness. I discovered the world of DIY and craft blogs when we bought our first house. I needed help deciding how to decorate it and I quickly became obsessed. Now I love trying to make new things that I've seen on other blogs and things that just pop into my head. I hope you become obsessed too.

So as mentioned above, I started this blog to de-clutter our family blog, and to have a hobby of my own.  When we lived in our cluttered small apartment I thought about trying to make a craft a week, but for some reason that seemed so overwhelming! Where would I find the time for a CRAFT a WEEK! Well I guess having a little more room motivated me...maybe over-motivated me. I've started crafting and just can't stop!

So a little about me. I grew up in a small town in East Texas being a total jock. You name it, I played it (except soccer, never a fan). I spent my freshman year of college in Cape Girardeau, MO, transferred and finished up my college career at BYU in Provo. I ended up with a B.S. in Psychology but have since decided to go in a more creative direction...such as floral design and I am so excited!

My husband (of 2 years) and I have zero kids and 1 dog. We live a pretty uneventful life, but its ours and we love it!

Well that's enough about me. Now go check out some projects on my blog, and create "Something Pretty!"


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