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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vintage Brooch Headband

For my wedding, (over 2 years ago) I made this hair piece to wear with my veil for my "something old." It is my grandmother's brooch from the 1940's. I had yet to wear it since the wedding because it was stored in a box that just sat on my dresser collecting dust.

Then I spotted some vintage gold and feather bobby pins at a local boutique and took that idea and ran with it. I grabbed a dollar store headband and wrapped it in ribbon. I then used a pack of feathers and added a few directly to the headband. After those were in place I gathered ribbon and fabric to make a spot to pin the brooch. I originally didn't plan on adding feathers on top the ribbon, but I felt like it needed something more. I just love the vintage look of headband, and how the neutral colors lend itself well to almost any outfit. I have already worn it a few times!

Please ignore the ratty hair, must have been a rough day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Sadd??

So I have come to a very important conclusion as to the reason behind my crafting slump...I'm Sadd. Well its more like S.A.C.D (Seasonal Affective CRAFT Disorder). The cold, snow, and gloomy days just do not lend themselves well to crafts, at least not for me. This past weekend it was beautiful out, I'm talking somewhere in the 60's, in Colorado, in FEB! It was glorious, and I had a sudden urge to go to all of the local thrift and antique stores to scavenge for my next project. Reality check, my next two projects are sitting in my sewing nook/craft space waiting patiently to be spray painted.

I haven't been completely un-crafty though. I joined a few of my close friends for a virtual quilting bee, and I managed to make a cute headband using my grandmother's brooch from the '40's. It is still sitting on our new camera because I am afraid to load the huge size pics on my little ol' Mac that slows down if more than one program is open.

I hope to have some pics and tutorials up soon...if only Spring would hurry up and get here!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Closet Turned Sewing Space

I know the blog postings have been sparse, but I blame that on the winter. You just can't spend as much quality time spray painting as you can in the warmer months. I have managed to complete one pretty big project this winter though.

A couple weeks ago I was browsing other blogs and found one on small space make-overs. I was inspired. I have been wanting a sewing/craft space but didn't want to take over the 3rd bedroom for it. I decided our bigger than necessary guest room closet would be the perfect space to make mine. That night I found an absolutely gorgeous vintage desk on Craigslist to go with the $7 chair I found at Restore during the summer. I added a peg board, shoe rack for material, recovered the chair (I plan on painting it Heirloom White once it gets warmer out), and some decorations crafted with my sis-in-law. Add a Reveal light bulb and I have a new space all my own! It came together at the perfect time because for the next year I'll be participating in a quilting bee. for all of our junk, that should have been thrown out or in the garage.


I changed out the knob with one I got at Anthropologie


I thought it would be an ingenious idea to use a shoe holder for all of my material scraps.


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