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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thrift Store Dress Make Over (05.02.10)

I had my friend Lauren's wedding coming up and I wanted to get a new dress for the occasion. So I stuck with my challenge to only buy dresses from the thrift stores and give them a face lift. I didn't put an end on this may last a few months or forever...who knows, but I love getting a good deal! So this little beauty was equipped with shoulder pads and a high neck. The makings of all fabulous dresses, right? What sold me was the pleated skirt and drop waist. I immediately saw the potential.
The shoulder pads of course had to go. I really think they made the dress a good inch or two longer just by removing them!
After the shoulder pad surgery the dress was still a little too short. Probably because it was a petite size, and I am anything but. I took out the hem and put in a smaller one so that it was a more appropriate length. The sides needed to be taken in and I decided to make the sleeves shorter to make it less of a grandma-ish dress. To get rid of the high neck I unbuttoned the top button and pinned it back to make a v-neck. Once it was washed it was ready for the wedding.

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