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Monday, June 14, 2010

Thrift Store Dress Make-Over (03.23.10)

So as per request of my sister, here is yet another dress make-over update. I found this one on sale for 50% off at a thrift store which is about as cheap as you can get! Although it looks very 90's school teacher-ish, I saw the potential within. I thought the blue and white polka-dot pattern would be perfect for a stroll along the beach, but the fit needed some touch ups.
First things first, the length had to go. I took off about a foot of fabric from the bottom and took in about another 3 inches on each side to make it fit better. Once I tried it on with the new fit, I noticed the sleeves were a weird length. I guess I didn't notice them at first because of all the other hideous issues staring me in the face. The sleeves got taken up and in to make it less frumpy. I found a white belt at the thrift store as well, so I cut off a whopping 13" and sewed it back together in the back. With the extra belt elastic I fashioned together a headband. Not sure I'm completely sold on it, but it looked cute for the time being.
So here is then finished project. Taken in, up, unbuttoned and ready for the summer!


  1. I've been looking over all your dresses and have to say, I'm amazed by your talent! They're all super cute!

  2. What a difference! I love all of your dress make overs! So creative. =)


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