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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Picture Place Mats

Happy Late Birthday Dana!

These place mats were made purely out of love for my sister's birthday. Unfortunately her birthday was on Wednesday, and they have yet to make it to the post office.

This project was much more involved than I originally thought, probably because of all the strait lines I decided to use. To start I used a place mat of my own as a guide for cutting out the mats. Then I cut the clear vinyl about 1/2" bigger on both the top and side to allow for the ribbon placed around it.

First place and sew the picture windows.
Next I glued all of my ribbon embellishments down with some fabric glue.
After that, place the right sides of the mats facing it and then a layer of batting and pin together.
Sew the 3 pieces together, trim the corners and flip right side out. Lastly, I sewed a border stitch, which took care of the opening when I flipped them.

Stenciling the S on was done by printing out an S on card stock, cutting it out with an exacto knife, and pinning it in place. Its best to dab the paint on so it wont run. I touched up the edges afterwards with a little paint brush.

A couple ribbon rosettes and they were finished.

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  1. Hi Robyn,

    I just gave you a blog award, pop on over and claim it!

  2. I love this idea! I am featuring it at!!!

  3. Very fun!

    Thanks for linking up at

  4. Another way of doing this would be to scan a photo onto printer cotton, sew it right into the placemat and trim it off with the ribbon. This is how I did my memory quilts but never though of doing a place mat. What a clever idea. I am going to try this right away.


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