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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quick and Easy Puppy Pillow

Well on a more successful note, I was able to throw together this easy pillow for our puppy. (I'm a little excited about the little guy if you couldn't tell). Since it would be home most of the day in it's crate, I felt horrible that it would be laying on the hard floor all day. My sister likes to use old t-shirts for cushion in packages, so I used one of the latest ones she sent. A little batting and ribbon and I had a finished product.

You can call me lazy or ingenious, but the quickest thing to do was to cut the shirt under the sleeves, leaving only 2 sides to sew together. I flipped it inside out and sewed one end down. I flipped it back to the right side and tacked down the ribbons on the corners. Once those were secure I added some batting and machine sewed up the remaining end. I saved the bottom hem of the shirt to machine sew on the outside so there would be no raw ends. I tied up the ribbons, and now it is ready for our little addition to our fam.

I also originally wanted to put his name on it and/or some paw prints, but considering there are going to be a more than a few "whoopsies" and tosses into the wash, I figured I'd leave this one plain.


  1. so what lil puppy are you getting? i love seeing how excited you are

  2. uhh I had no idea you were getting a puppy! I request pictures and details!


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