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Thursday, July 15, 2010

50 and counting!

I'm so excited to see that Something Pretty has made it to 50 followers! I didn't expect to reach that many, if any, when I first started this blog. I thought it would probably just be viewed by my family and friends just to be nice, lol. Thanks for all of the support so far...I can't wait for the next milestone...100!


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  1. Congrats! I was super excited to reach my 50 too and actually just recently hit 100. I am shocked people, other than family and friends, read my stuff, maybe they don't but I like to think they do! haha

  2. I know how you feel! I almost have 20. I'm so excited!

  3. Awesome!!! Congrats!! I'm super new to this whole blogging thing so I hope it's a good experience for me as well...I'm loving your blog, hope to get some new crafty ideas =)

  4. Add me to the follower pile, too! So many cute ideas! Looking forward to more.

  5. Ha Ha I know what you mean. I was just so excited to get to 25 today... that means there are more followers that are from Blog world than me bullying my friends and family to sign up... I am your newest follower...


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