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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dana's Headboard

My sister made this spectacular headboard a month or two ago and I thought I'd share it. She started with a piece of MDF, foam, batting, and baseboard molding. I love that it isn't your run of the mill DIY headboard. The molding definitely gives it more personality and makes it stand out. For the molding she actually just used 3 pieces since you can't see the bottom.

I am on the hunt for fabric to match our bedroom so I can make one too. She also gave me the idea to use finishing blocks on the corners since we don't have a saw to cut the 45 angles. Hopefully I will get around to it this summer. I am looking to find a fabric similar to the kind on Carrie and Big's headboard from Sex and the City 2.


  1. Awesome guest post at tatertots and jello! I love your blog and ideas! They are fab!

  2. Hi Robyn! I'm here from Tater Tots and Jello, too... but I can't pull myself away! Your blog is fabulous! I've recently gone through the same move-over-from-the-family-blog-because-my-parents-frankly-want-to-see-people-not-things transformation as you, and it's fun to find someone in the same stage as me! Oh, and I'm most certainly a new follower! :)


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