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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rouched Sleeve Tutorial

I bought this shirt last year, and after one wash, it went from long-sleeves to awkward-sleeves. I have tried to wear it a couple more times by either pushing or rolling the sleeves up to more of a 3/4 length, but the material stretches and by the end of the day they are falling down.
I have seen a lot of rouched-sleeve cardigans and thought it would be an excellent fix to my very awkward length sleeves. This fix seriously took less than 20 minutes and was super easy. Tutorial below, for those of you who have had the same problem as me.

Such a horrible look!

First I was going to lay the sleeves out and get an exact measurement of the center, but then thought, what the heck, I'm free handing this. I threw on the shirt and with a piece of white sidewalk chalk drew a line from the shoulder seam down the center of my arm on both sides.

I then started from the opening near the shoulder (I started at the wrist on the first sleeve and it gave me some problems) and put in a few stitches to start.
To gather the fabric I made sure the needle was down and raised the presser foot. Once raised I would take 2 to 3 inches of fabric and push it in towards the needle and put the presser foot back down and sew. As soon I stitched down the scrunched up fabric I would raise the foot and repeat.
Here are a few pics of the finished product, this shirt will be getting a lot more use this summer.

My husband accidentally took this picture before changing the settings on the camera. I liked the washed out look though because it showed the detailing of the sleeve.

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  1. Yay for the shirt version of taking lemons and making lemonade! I may do that to a shirt with just-fine sleeves...

  2. Great idea! You made it look so easy.

  3. This looks great! I will have to try this. I am so tall, it happens quite a bit for me!

  4. Your shirt looks great!Nice simple fix! I love it!

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  7. I hate it when something fits perfectly - until you wash it. What a great way to make the best of things!

  8. fantastic idea! I like my sleeves a little longer than most Tshirts come so maybe I can start with a long sleeved shirt and use your technique! Thanks!

  9. Super tutorial and super outcome! Very cute... I'd love to see this done on a kids shirt ... my girls must have long arms or something, their shirts are always looking a little awkward. GREAT JOB!

  10. Thank you for linking up to Craft Couture Monday. I just wanted to let you know that I featured you :)

  11. wow good job and thank you for sharing so we can all try :) I found this project through TT&J linky party! Thank you for sharing. Come say hi! I love new followers.

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  12. What a genius idea and a great way to upcycle!

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  13. Very nice! I will be using this idea. Soon.

  14. Wow...what a simple way to make something cute and wearable again!

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