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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Button-Embelished Bobby Pins

A friend of mine, who is actually getting married this weekend (whoo hoo!) came over the other night to make hair pins for her brides-maids. She originally asked to borrow my glue gun to make them, and sadly enough I got panicky with separation anxiety from my glue gun! So sad. She had the super cute idea to glue buttons on bobby pins and they turned out pretty awesome, at least I think so. I need to go get some bigger bobby pins to make my self some.


  1. Hey now those are CUTE! Now I have a new type of hair accessory to make for ER. We've already got plenty of extra buttons and I've got a value pack of glue sticks all ready. Where did she get the big bobby pins?

  2. Thanks! I'm pretty sure she got the bobby pins at Sally Beauty.

  3. very cute! I love your Mother's Day ones too! We just did fabric flowers in preschool and I made some magnents. I just found you- love your cute ideas :)


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