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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Under $10 Under 1 Hour Linkup

Today I'll be linking up a couple of my past projects at 320 Sycamore for her little party. Go check out some awesome thrifty projects!

In other news, my charger for my laptop bit the dust yesterday, RIGHT AFTER I uploaded a bunch of pictures of my mini bedroom makeover that I was all excited to share. Rather than paying 80 bucks for a Apple charger, I'm going the cheap route and ordering one through amazon. So while I am waiting for the beloved charger the blog will be on hiatus. Today I'm blogging from my hubby's laptop and I can't stand the darn thing! Everything takes me twice as long, and while typing this little paragraph I have hit the "=" about 20 times instead of the delete button. You can imagine my frustration.

Well then, adiĆ³s till sometime next week when I have a working charger again, and my laptop has more than 28 minutes of life remaining in it.


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